Healthy Links

The following resources have been assembled to provide you with more information available on the internet

Excellent information on proper ways to lose weight and get your body in great shape.
Body for Life

Good site for ways to relieve stress

The American Chiropractic Association
American Chiropractic

Website devoted to the worst medications and which ones to avoid.
Worst Pills Information Site.
Worst Pills

Features articles on celebrities who advocate chiropractic care for health and wellness.
Today's Chiropractic

Health Evaluation

If you are interested in a health evaluation please download the Symptom Survey form. Please follow directions on the form and fill out completely. If you don't have any of the symptoms please leave that question blank. There is a minimal fee to have the Doctor evaluate your symptom survey form. He will then recommend a personalized treatment plan. After completing the form please call to schedule an apointment for your health evaluation.